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I offered my glitterfills at Silent Devotion when I use to own the .net domain. I had some okay looking ones as well as some F U N K Y ones (back then I was still learning). I was happy to share them with others and enjoyed seeing them in creations. After a while, I began noticing that people were taking them without supplying proper credit and were even offering my glitterfills on their websites for others to take (even recoloring them)! That is when I decided to take them down. The example below is one of my O L D glitterfills (from 2005) that I've found being used without my consent or proper credit in glitter graphic generators.

This is a generated glitter text from a popular website.

Some time later, I thought about offering my glitterfills on a website of their own and began with the mental preparations. I had not come up with a name for it but one day, as I woke up from a nap, the name Glitter Eyez popped into my head! Not so original, since my nickname is Silent Eyez and there already being 1,000,000 (okay, I exaggerate) websites with the word "glitter" in it. But it is also a play on the word "glitterize". This was back in 2006!!!

Throughout the years, I had been creating TONS of new glitterfills. But since I had no internet (for a long time), I was not able to get everything up and running sooner. Plus, the coding I've wanted to use wasn't working out for me and there was noone to help me out with it. In the process of creating, I figured it would be cool to also offer pre-made glitter names (these are NOT from request offers but original content for GE), letter sets and set up glitter name generators so visitors can create their very own glitter name.

Having a website of their own, I hope that people will find it easier to remember where they got the glitterfills from and that they will start respecting my work and following my terms. GlitterEyez offers use of its content for free but if my terms are broken, I will begin making this website accessible only by paid membership just like my friend at SDF suggested I do. Thanks SammyB! Please enjoy all of the G L I T T E R goods I have to offer and create to your heart's content! Feel free to show me your creations by sending them my way! I will place them in a gallery so others can enjoy your work.

GE has its own registered domain, however, it is not setup.

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All of the elements have been created by me. The font used for the Glittereyez header is called Feathergraphy Decoration.

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