Have questions or doubts about how you may use my resources and content? Well, here is where you can find the answers. If not, you can always contact me personally.

Why do I have to link back to you?
My content is Linkware. Which means, if you use anything from my website, you must provide a link back. In doing so, you acknowledge my terms of use and respect my work.

Where can I use your creations?
You can use them just about anywhere! Decorate your website (pages) and e-mails, post them in forums or social media pages (such as a signature, comment or in your profile). Anywhere that allows HTML and/or BBC coding (for coded content) or posting and placing of images and gifs.

Do you take requests?
At the moment, I am not taking requests but perhaps in time I might. Still unsure because I do own and manage other websites that I try to keep up to date. Requests

Are you looking for affiliates?
Yes! I would love to affiliate with as many websites as I can. I enjoy visiting new websites and seeing what awesome creations it offers. Feel free to check out the application information here.

Who is Elsa and why can't your gfills with her glitterflakes be used commercially?
Elsa is the owner of Glitters Galore, a website that is no longer around (but can be found here courtesy of the Wayback Machine). She is the creator of the "glitterflakes" that are seen and used in many of my glitterfills (as well as, glitterfills around the WWW & glitter text gens). I had e-mailed her (many years ago) and asked about commercial use and she stated that because she provides her content freely, they cannot be used in creations intended for profit.

Why do some of your glitter sets look the same or are they the same!?
Some sets do look very similar, it is true. I want to provide a variety of styles and colors so that you'll have much to choose from. I might make a set with animated sparkles and a still background and another set with the same sparkles and background, only that the background would be animated too. I will not cheat you and offer the same set under another name.

What is the difference between simple and sticker styled glitters?
The simple styled glitter is just glittered text, name, etc. The sticker styled is a lot more stylish in its design. It has a border around the text, name and/or image. The border can be a solid color, glitter, pattern, etc. and it is what makes it look like a sticker.

Can I copy your glitter graphics style?
Uh, I would prefer you come up with your very own unique style. Know what I mean? But you can use my graphics for inspiration.

I like the font you used in one of your graphics, can you tell me the name, please?
Eek, now that would be a tough one. You see, since many of the graphics were made years ago, I cannot possibly remember most or the majority of the font names. However, you will find many of them at DaFont.Com and at KevinAndAmanda.Com! You can find a list of some of the fonts I have used for the Sticker Styled name glitters here.

You don't have pre-made graphics with my name or spelling, can you make some?
Although, there are many names with a variety of their spelling (ex. Karla, Carla, etc.), there are plenty of other names that I still have not covered. You can suggest your name or even a few names for me to keep in mind. I will do my best to make them and add them to the website. But because I made (the majority of) them a long time ago, I might not be able to recreate a particular style (ex. I may not have the font, do text effect, duplicate design, etc.), so I may just create a new design. Note: I apologize for the repeated names in some of the letters. I worked on them during different timing and had a list that I went by and choosing at random. Some of the styles were renamed, so the same names are placed near or next to each other. Also, some letters were hard to come up with names. I did my best. Sorry, only female names are offered.

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