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My name is and I go by Silent Eyez or Glitter Eyez, around the WWW. I am a 42 year old L.A. girl living in Southern Texas. I moved here (unplanned), in January of 2017, not knowing I would meet my future husband. We have been, happily, married since Oct. 5th, 2019 ♥

I own and co-own a few websites. I have been doing this since, oh, forever I guess! I am not a professional, it is just a hobby of mine. I love G L I T T E R S and anything that has to do with them. I did not always have access to the internet, throughout the years, but that did not stop me from creating away! A lot of the content is dated, all the way back, to '05!

I dogs! My favorites are pitties (F.U. BSL!). Because of our Carrie (APBT), I have become a lot more aware of what happens to animals. Breaks my heart to know that there are MONSTERS in this world causing them harm! I even became vegan (started in April of 2014)! And no, I do not force or try to influence my ideas onto others or talk down to them.

Music. Ah yes, I love all kinds. I listen to classical, opera, big band, classic rock, heavy metal, 80's, oldies, freestyle, deep house, trance, k-pop, trip hop, hip hop, rap (but not the crap of today!), Bollywood music, roc en español, cumbias, merengue, romanticas de los 80's, recuerdos, rancheras, corridos (but not the "narc" kind!) and a little bit of country too! I don't like salsa, bachata, and all of that mainstream garbage of today.

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