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My name is and I go by Silent Eyez or Glitter Eyez around the WWW. I am a 45 year old L.A. girl living in Southern Texas. I moved here (unplanned), in January of 2017, not knowing I would meet my future husband and furbaby. We have been, happily, married since Oct. 5th, 2019

I own and co-own a few websites. I have been doing this since, oh, forever I guess! I am not a professional, it is just a hobby of mine. I love G L I T T E R S and anything that has to do with them. I did not always have access to the internet but that did not stop me from creating away. You may find content dated all the way back to '05!

I dogs! My favorites are pitties (F.U. BSL!). Because of my fur-niece Carrie (APBT), I have become a lot more aware of what happens to animals. Breaks my heart to know that there are MONSTERS in this world causing them harm! I even became vegan (started in April of 2014)! And no, I do not force or try to influence my ideas onto others or talk down to them.

Music. Ah yes, I love all kinds. I listen to classical, opera, big band, classic rock, heavy metal, 80's new wave and pop, oldies, 80's freestyle, deep house, trance, k-pop, trip hop, hip hop/rap (but not the crap of today!), Bollywood music, rock en español, cumbias, merengue, romanticas de los 80's, recuerdos, rancheras, corridos (but not the "narc" kind!) and a little bit of country too! I don't like salsa, bachata, and all of the mainstream garbage of today.

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