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I would love to affiliate with websites that offer G L I T T E R Y things and resources that my visitors would enjoy and find useful in creating G L I T T E R Y graphics.
If you would like to become an affiliate a.k.a. G L I T T E R A T I, please read the following before you submit your information to me.

What You Must Know:

  Your website does not have to have its own domain. I welcome all webpages! So it can be sub-domain hosted, free web hosted, a blog, social media page, graphic community page, or even a forum (message board).

  Your website must offer original content. If you offer redistributed content (things you've collected), I prefer that it be kept to an absolute mininum. There are too many collection/archive websites that do not give proper credit and/or have the same content as others.

  If you offer or have things of a mature nature, please let me know. Extreme vulgarity is a no-no for me. So do keep in mind that I may or may not accept your application.

  I do not require that we stay in contact but I would appreciate updates on any changes made to your website (page) info. For example, new URL or name, etc. That way, I can keep your link up and visitors can find their way to your website. Dead links will be removed.

What I Need To Know:

  Your Name (or nickname)

  Website Name & URL (link)

  Website Description

  Link Button (if you have one & preferably 88x31 micro button)
 If you prefer a text link or do not have a link button or banner, that is no problem.

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Click within the box and right-click to select all text (or ctrl+A) and paste it to an e-mail.

Send to: silenteyez(at)hellokitty(dot)com or glitter.eyez(at)gmail(dot)com

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