Terms Of Use

The disclaimer and terms are meant to be understood and followed to assure your continued access to my website and content. In doing so, it inspires me to continue to create more G L I T T E R Y things to share with you. Refer to the F A Q page for any questions & doubts you may have. Thank you for your cooperation. It is very much appreciated!

All of the content and resources that I have made available to you has been created by me. I do not and will not offer content made by others. However, if I have created something with a resource that was made by someone else, proper credit has and will always be given.

You must be able to link back to GlitterEyez or provide some kind of credit when using any of my (non coded) content. If you are offering requests with my glitterfills, you must have my link and/or credit somewhere beside the samples. You can find linking methods here.

You may distribute creations YOU make (ie. glitter graphics, letter sets, tags etc.) with my glitterfills and other resources, providing you give credit where it is due (on a Credits page or page in which said creations are on).

If you wish to sell YOUR creations made with my glitterfills and other resources, you must contact me for pricing. Items excluded are those I have made using other people's resources. For example, glitterfills with glitterflakes by Glitters Galore and pixel fill by Charmroyal. Contact me for pricing and any other details.

None of my creations are to be submitted or redistributed in any type of websites/pages or generators; put into collections (ie. Photobucket accounts, Tumblr pages, etc.) where others have access to them; put into zip files or e-mails to pass around; or sold for monetary gain. If you wish to include my gfills in generators, you must contact me for permission and pricing.

Never direct link to any of my content unless there is a code provided. In the past, I have seen many people direct link my content in forum request boards and websites. You must save desired content to your own computer and upload them to an image host (preferably in an album not set to public view) or your website but file name must remain intact. Some image hosts generate a file name for the things you upload and this cannot be helped. Just as long as you keep the file name intact in your files, it is fine. If I find direct linking of content in which I have not provided a code for, I will move and/or remove the file or replace the file (link) with something unpleasant.

Note: Some of my files are uploaded to an image host and have generated file names. The actual file name can be viewed on image hover.

I have the right to change my terms at any time without notice. If you agree to my terms, you are more than welcome to use my resources and creations. Otherwise, please do NOT use any of my content.

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